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Services & Rates

Private Walks

Private Walks

& Backyard Visits

Going to work or have a changing schedule, and need your dog to get outside during your absence? Thunder's Run will get your dog(s) out for a walk, or in your backyard, give him or her some exercise, some company and a great chance to go to the bathroom. With private dog walks, your dog gets one-on-one attention and focus. Walk times include any feeding or medication your dog may need, and in the winter, and wet weather, these visits include drying off your dog.

Pee Break (10-15 min)   $16
20 minutes          $18
30 minutes          $20.50
45 minutes          $24
     1 hour              $28

Cat & Small Animal Visits

Planning a vacation? Away for a few days? Do you have cats at home that need to be seen while you're away? Thunder's Run can come visit your cats to help keep them fed, give them company and keep them feeling loved! Visits include litter box cleaning, administering any medication/insulin shots if needed, topping up and refreshing water, refilling dry food bowls, providing canned food, and a bunch of love and play time! Your cat will look forward to our visits, and even maybe greet us happily at the door!
We also visit rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, and other small animals.

Cat & small animal visit          $18

Cat & Small Animal Visits

Meet & Greet

Before our first walk or visit with your dog or cat, we will set up a virtual meet and greet with you and your animal(s). This meet and greet gives us the opportunity to learn some of the ins and outs of  your dog or cat's routines, habits, health and behaviour, while also sorting through what you're looking for and what we at Thunder's Run can provide.

Extra Dog

Fee for each additional dog in the household for visits and walks:


Evenings and Weekends

Additional fee for visits on weekdays after 7pm. We do not offer dog care services on and Saturdays or Sundays.



Additional fee for scheduled visits on statutory and other holidays:


*Please note that all prices are subject to HST. 
*Thunder's Run Inc. walks dogs in most weather conditions. However, for the safety of everyone involved, some days with dangerous conditions, adjustments to walk times (or even cancellations) may be imposed. 


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