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WE THE PUPS! Dog Park Rental

Dog parks can be a ton of fun for you and your dog! But at public dog parks, there are also many opportunities to meet up with dogs who are a bit too aggressive or intense. Sometimes other dog parents may not want to follow rules or pay as much attention as they should, and sometimes the park is just too busy or overwhelming. 


If your dog has any issues with getting along with other pups, we offer an opportunity for you rent out and take your dog to the We The Pups! park, let them off-leash, and allow them to be by him or herself. They can run and play with you, without having to worry about interacting with other dogs. 

We The Pups! is over an acre of safe, fully-fenced property for dogs to let loose, and have fun being a dog! You can allow your dog to have a great time at a park while feeling safe, comfortable and energized! Fun and stress-free for your dog. Reassuringly safe for your peace of mind. 


Anytime, Anywhere

We The Pups! Dog Park
is ideal for:

Nervous Dogs

Some dogs end up feeling far too overwhelmed when surrounded by a lot of other dogs and other people. They like playing, but feel best when they're alone, with their family.

Learning Dogs

Does your dog need some work on his/her recall or other obedience-related commands? Lots of space, and a fence allows you to work with them in a safe, distraction-free environment!

Human Only Dogs

Some pups have a difficult time getting  along with other dogs. For whatever reason, they just don't always play nice. Being alone at a park can be a happy, fun place for them to let loose!

Energetic Dogs

Dogs love their walks, being able to sniff and learn about their neighbourhood. But getting the chance to really rip around and have fun could really get them what they need!

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