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Dog parks can be a ton of fun for you and your dog! But at public dog parks, there are many opportunities to meet up with dogs who are a bit too aggressive or intense, other dog parents who may not want to follow rules, and sometimes just too busy. 


We The Pups! is over an acre of safe, fully-fenced property for dogs to let loose, and have fun being a dog, without some of these worries! A great chance to socialize with other pups, run, play and build some great friendships! Supervision and dog-temperament-matching allow your dog to have a great time at a dog park while feeling safe and comfortable and energized! Fun for your dog. Reassuringly safe for you. 

If your dog has any issues with getting along with other pups, we offer an opportunity for you to take your dog to the park, let them off-leash, and allow them to be by him or herself. They can run and play with you, without having to worry about interacting with other dogs. 

For more information, including pricing and packages, message us here!